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ADVANCE Advantage - Leader in Food Safety Training in BCThe “ADVANCE Advantage”

ADVANCE Continuing Education has been B.C.’s #1 Choice for FoodSafe training since 2003 and is a leader in First Aid & WorldHost training for many good reasons:

The Most Classes in the Most Locations

Our in-demand Certificate courses are often needed quickly. We schedule multiple classes each week in 9 convenient Metro Vancouver locations so you can receive your certification as soon as you need it!

The Lowest Prices

Our prices are the lowest anywhere. Together with our superior instruction, service and convenience, the value is unbeatable.

The Best Instructors

We believe that Public Health Inspectors have the ideal combination of education and experience for teaching FoodSafe, so all of our instructors are also working Certified Public Health Inspectors.  After at least two years of intensive schooling in food safety, our instructors each have years of experience inspecting all types of restaurants and food-related businesses, looking at good and bad food-handling practices – exactly what the FoodSafe Program is all about. We love entertaining students with these stories! Our First Aid instructors have had years of active experience in life-saving roles and are eager to pass the knowledge they’ve acquired onto others. Our WorldHost instructors are also highly skilled customer service professionals, passionate about sharing the secrets of their success.

Informative and Entertaining

Stories of food-handling practices found while inspecting restaurants – both good and bad – ensure that the FoodSafe classes are entertaining as well as informative. Instructors’ experiences related during our other courses also keep those students laughing as they learn. Our First Aid and WorldHost instructors also use many fascinating real-life stories and examples to bring their lessons home.

Excellent Service

Our commitment to excellent overall service is another important reason that ADVANCE Continuing Education has been B.C.’s #1 choice for FoodSafe training since 2003 and is a leader in First Aid & WorldHost training.

Advance Continuing Education

From Our Students

This course is great for tips on every day cooking as well as industry. We sometimes have staggered dinner times and I only cook once, so knowing how to cool, store + reheat sure helps!
Cathy Witald