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  • Student workbook must be obtained prior to class.
  • To allow time for mail delivery, register at least 7 days prior to the class. Less than 7 days is acceptable if the student has access to a past FOODSAFE student's workbook or other arrangements can be made. We will still mail a new copy of the workbook for future reference, but it may arrive after the class date. Workbook pick up may be possible in locations where we hold in-person classes throughout BC.
  • Microphone and camera must be available and activated throughout the course.
  • Exam via Zoom 1-5 days after the class (in-person exam required for Metro Vancouver and Nanaimo area residents).

Course Details

Course Date
June 22, 2024

Course Time
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Bad news...The bad news: this class is full, with 0 students on the Stand-by List.


Good news...THE GOOD NEWS: You may still be able to get into this class! (See below)

If you join the Stand-by list we will notify you by email of any cancellations.

If you join the Stand-by list we will notify you by email of any cancellations (there are usually a few) and your ongoing status on the list. But even if not enough students cancel, you may still be able to join the class. Typically 1-3 students with reserved seats simply do not show up, so those on the Stand-by List who show up are let into the class according to their place on the list. We cannot guarantee you'll get in, but if it's not too inconvenient for you to show up, it may be worth the effort!

To reserve your place on the Stand-by list please email us or call 604-565-3663.

Once you are placed on the Stand-by list you will receive 2 emails with important information. If not received, check your "junk" folder (important: mark as "not junk" to receive updates); if not there, call 604-565-3663.

If you would prefer to register for a different location or date, please click a link below:

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